A Bit of Vulnerability – Pt. III

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In Part I of this series of posts, I listed three things that God needed to demolish and properly rebuild in me:

1) My Superhero Complex (my ability to work hard, do things well, and usually succeed)

2) My “Understanding” of Myself (“I’ve been through counseling, I’ve totally got a grip on this!”)

3) My Solitude Complex (I’ll ask my friends, they’ll know what to do…)

So, let’s have a quick review before moving on to the third area of demolishment.  The Lord has broken me into this powerless, inept, non-superhero who has no grasp of an understanding of herself. That sounds like a great person to spend time with. What else could there possibly be to break…

A Bit of Vulnerability… Part III

I get by with a little help from my friends…

I’m a very indecisive person. The answers to the questions – What do you want to do? What do you want to eat? Where do you want to start? How do you feel about that? Would you like fries with that? – all begin with “Umm… I don’t know,” then transition into whichever version of “What do you think?” applies to the situation. Except for the fries. The answer to that is always “yes.” I’m not a communist.

Now, as I have become a more adultier adult, and dealt with my codependent brain (see Part II), being decisive has become less of an issue as I realize I, in fact, do have opinions, and people will, in fact, respect them, whether they agree or disagree with my opinion about whether we should get fries or not. I digress…

One area in my life where indecision and defaulting to others opinions has plagued me most has been – you guessed it – in my understanding of God. Let’s begin with one of my favorite things: an analogy wrapped in a story…

As a kid, I grew up looking through my dad’s old Encyclopedia Britannica set. The copyright was 1957. I learned very accurate, very out-of-date facts. Then I got the Encyclopedia Britannica ’96 CD-ROM for our computer. I think it came with the AOL start-up disc. Any who, I had a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips. I could read and read and read about whatever I wanted and learn the randomest of facts to my heart’s content. But do you know what’s better than reading about things? Experiencing them second-hand from someone who has actually BEEN TO or DONE the thing you’re reading about! My fifth grade teacher lived in Alaska as a kid. One day, she was telling us about Alaska (it fit in with our history unit. She was not one to dilly-dally with stories from her childhood unless they applied to our education), and she said,

“It was so cold, that, during the summer, when sun was out and the temperature got up to zero degrees Fahrenheit, we would put on shorts and run to play outside.”

MIND. BLOWN. I was ten years old and had just learned that the most intriguing facts did not come from the 1957 Encyclopedia, but, in fact, from experience. An encyclopedia would never tell you about putting on shorts when the temperature got up to zero! Only a person who lived in the wonderful, exotic, expanse of Alaska would know such a thing! I would probably never go to Alaska and get to experience things like that for myself, but I knew someone who had. I could learn everything from them!

And that has been my approach to God. I can read, study, and glean knowledge about Him. But I don’t have any experience. I can’t trust myself to hear Him correctly. There’s no way I could ever confidently say the magic phrase, “The Lord told me…” No way. How could I presume to know what God is saying? So, since I can’t, I’ll talk to people I trust who have experienced Him. They can tell me what God is saying. I’ll experience Him second-hand through their relationship with Him. It’s a win-win scenario. I don’t have to worry that I’ll misinterpret Him, but I can still hear and be a part of what He’s saying and doing…

And here’s the thing. God met me in that. He has spoken to me through other people many times. This isn’t a bad thing. We were meant for relationship. We were meant to sharpen one another, to come together as His people and talk about our relationships with Him, what He’s taught us, how He has moved in our lives…

But it cannot be primary. It misplaces your relationship with God into the hands of others. It becomes reliant upon what God is speaking into their lives, and, while it may be helpful, it is not complete. Our stories are not the same. The places God must refine in each of us are not the same, nor will those places be refined at the same time in our lives.

(Side bar: This realization has been years in the making and years in the healing. He has, throughout my life, brought this area to my attention and made some corrections to it. However, it’s only been very recently that the depth of the effects have surfaced and now those are being able to be corrected.)

So, through various circumstances (we lead very transient lifestyles, we missionaries), God stripped me of some of the close friends I was crutching to hard upon. I was now a powerless, inept, non-superhero with no understanding of herself and no one to ask how I should fix it. And with that, the last stone in my wall fell to the ground with a heart-wrenching thud…

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A Moment for Music…

Through this past month, God has brought comfort, spoken truth, and shown joy to me through music. Through songs my friends and I have written. Through leading worship at church. Through songs purchased on iTunes. Through various genres (not just “Christian” or “praise and worship”). He has placed a deep love for music into my soul and He has met me here. I’d like to share one of these songs with you…

John Mark McMillan – Guns/Napoleon


You’re sinking all my ships
You’re climbing all my fences
The storm upon my gate
The breach in my defenses

Like the sun against the morning
You set your face against the doors in
All the houses where I run
And I’m laying down my guns

And you keep coming on
Like Napoleon
And I’ll lose my head and throne
In the bloody revolution

You fill the hollows of the halls
In the houses where I walk
You’re hanging pictures on the walls
In the houses where I haunt

You’re standing on my harbor
You’re landing on my shore
I’m handing down my armor
I’m landing on my sword

On the brink of kingdom come
And I’m standing in the flood
Of everything I ever was
And I’m laying down my guns

And you keep coming on
Like Napoleon
And I’ll lose my head and throne
In the bloody revolution

You fill the hollows of the halls
In the houses where I walk
You’re hanging pictures on the walls
In the houses where I haunt

[Love can break your bones
Broken bones can sing songs
So I’m laying down my guns
So I can sing along]

A Bit of Vulnerability – Pt. II

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In Part I of this series of posts, I listed three areas of my life God needed to reconstruct:

1) My Superhero Complex (my ability to work hard, do things well, and usually succeed)

2) My “Understanding” of Myself (“I’ve been through counseling, I’ve totally got a grip on this!”)

3) My Solitude Complex (I’ll ask my friends, they’ll know what to do…)

We covered “The Superhero Complex” and now, we’ll move on to number two, “My ‘Understanding’ of Myself.”

A Bit of Vulnerability… Pt. II

Your understanding of yourself, does not, in fact, begin with yourself…

I went through a few years of counseling in my early twenties. The fact that I can type “early twenties” like I’m a real adult or something, makes me feel very old. I digress.

I had an excellent counselor. He worked at my university, which offered free counseling for its students. Until they didn’t. So, we fast-forward a couple of years. I’m now a successful teacher with a full-time job. And I’m still just as screwed-up as I was in college. Once my screwed-upness reached a level I couldn’t cope with anymore, I did some digging and found out the counselor I had seen at my university now had a private practice. At an office building. Thirty seconds down the road from my house. Literally. I took that as a provision from the Lord, and made an appointment as soon as humanly possible.

While in counseling, a whole heap of things were brought to light about why I am the way I am and blah blah blah. I won’t bore you with the details. The main thing I came out of counseling with was a knowledge of my main weakness, how to recognize it, how to combat it, how it affects my relationship with others, and the Biblical principals that are in contrast to that weakness. Riveting, I know. And yes, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you what it is, chill out. The term psychologists use is “codependent.” All humans exhibit codependency to some small degree. Worried about what they think of your shoes or the way you raise your kids? Congrats, you just exhibited a bit of codependency. In my case, it was much, much, much more severe and debilitating to my everyday life. My actions, thoughts, and way of life completely revolved around pleasing one person and keeping them happy. Like a drug addict looking for their next fix, I was a people addict looking for my daily wave of validation. Were they happy? If yes, I won that day. If not, I’d better work twice as hard tomorrow to ensure their happiness, and by extension, my happiness, was achieved.

Talking about it now makes me sick. It was the unhealthiest I had ever been. It put the other person in a position they were not meant to fill. Blech. Not how God intended our relationships with one another to be.

So, I processed and worked my way through all of that mess, applied to become a missionary, and here I am now in Papua New Guinea. (For those of you wondering, yes. I got clearance from my counselor before I came here. #healthy)

Well, Leah, it sounds like you worked through your issues, so what did God need to break in you?

I’m glad you asked.

They say that when you enter the mission field, any issues you have will be amplified a hundred times. Or ten. I can’t remember the number they made up to get their point across. The point is, things you deal with in your home country are going to rear their ugly heads and grow into giants that will be much more difficult to deal with. You’re going to have to develop some new coping mechanisms and be ready to press into the Lord more than ever about these issues because they are going to mutate into something bigger.

So, I prepared.

I resolved that my life would NOT revolve around a particular person. That’s not why I was here. I’m here to teach. I’m here to minister to teens. And so I did. I threw myself into youth ministry and teaching. And it was awesome. My first two-year term in PNG was brilliant. I knew how to not be codependent!

But I had not yet learned what my salvation meant for my life now. I had no clue. I knew a behavior I shouldn’t exhibit… but I never sought the Lord about what to do instead. Or about how He filled that piece of me. Or about how even though I wasn’t “being codependent on anyone,” I still have what my friend and I have deemed, “codependent brain.” And this brain affects my view of the Lord, my relationships with my friends and family, the way I interact with co-workers, the way I interact with Papua New Guineans… I could go on and on and on. And He wanted in to correct these views. So, to get in, He first had to strip me of any confidence I had in my knowledge of myself so He could replace it with a confidence in HIS view of me and the way HE works THROUGH my codependent brain, rather than me fumbling around trying to work IN SPITE OF my codependent brain. This paragraph’s word count has a very high percentage of the word “brain” in it. My apologies.

So, in addition to stripping me of my self-proclaimed super hero status, He broke me of my grip on myself, by showing me I had no grip at all. He showed me that for every piece of me I have an understanding of, there were a hundred other pieces under the surface I have no clue about. Or even knew existed. It’s like memorizing a map. You can list every street name, intersection, and landmark. You put the page away, someone asks you for directions and you can tell them exactly where to go. Then another person approaches you and asks for directions to a place you’ve never heard of before. You confidently say the place doesn’t exist. At their insistence, you get out the page and condescendingly hand it to them. Then, to your utter horror, they begin unfolding the map. There’s more than one page. You’ve only memorized five blocks of a one hundred block city.

I may have understood an important piece of myself, but I did not understand every aspect, because I did not understand my relationship to my creator, because I do not understand my creator. My understanding of myself does not begin with myself. It begins with understanding Him and who He created us to be. This wall of mine was crumbling to the ground…

Click here for Part III…

A Bit of Vulnerability – Pt. I

Hey, everyone. These next set of posts are going to be very different from what I usually bring to the table. I began writing yesterday night and I kept going, and going, and going… until three hours later I finally reached a stopping point. The half-way point. But fret not, I am breaking up the stream of consciousness ramblings into bite size pieces, that will, hopefully, speak to you on some level. If not… at least it’s out of my head now. So, without further ado, I bring to the table…

A Bit of Vulnerability… Pt. I

The Lord has decided it’s time to wreck my view of Him. He is correcting lies I have believed about Him so He can get into the depths of my soul, a place I have knowingly and unknowingly denied Him access since I became a Christian at age thirteen.

First, He broke me. He put me in the position where He, and only He, could comfort and bring light into the dark places of my life. Second, He revealed the ‘why’ behind my ACCESS DENIED feelings toward Him. Third, the now, He is lovingly correcting me. Many times, God has ‘slapped me across the face.’ It’s a brief WAKE-UP moment, a jolt to the system.

This is not one of those times.

This is the careful molding of a potter. The steady hand of an artist applying intricate detail to their creation. This is the second half of a process He began in me long ago. The first half was to strengthen me. To get me ready to receive this correction, now, without completely breaking down. Let me explain…

I was the kid who would cry if my parents looked at me with disappointment or anger. When I was six, I told a lie to my mom. After a couple of hours, the guilt was CRUSHING me, so I went to her room and confessed, a puddle of tears. My mom comforted me, told me she loved me, and calmed me down. Then, she grounded me. Twice. Once, for what I originally did and, twice, for lying about it. In order to receive my punishment (to be corrected) and for it to have the desired effect that parents want it to have, I first had to be comforted, calmed, and assured (strengthened) that my mom loved me and that she was glad I came to her and confessed. If she had merely grounded me and sent me away, it would have crushed the core of me. I wouldn’t have learned to own up to my mistakes. I would have learned “don’t get caught, ‘cause getting caught is painful.”

So, for the past few years, I have been in the “strengthening” stage. He has been affirming the gifts He has given me, bringing to light new strengths, and growing my confidence in Him. He has brought me out of “the crush zone.” And now, it’s time to enter into the Refiner’s fire…

First, He broke me…

These past three months – October to December 2015 – to use an un-kosher missionary term, SUCKED. I would love to describe that word with other, stronger, language, but for the sake of the readership, I will refrain.

It was bad.

And not just in one area of my life or in one certain situation. It permeated my entire identity and world. While teaching in the states, I went through some rough times, but it never impacted my teaching. I never took my anger out on my kids. I never slacked off to the detriment of my classes. Now, five years later, this was not the case. If any students in my 8th Grade English class are reading this, I apologize. Y’all were the last class of the day and y’all got the worst of me.

So at this point, you’re probably asking, “What the heck happened?” And the answer is this:

God stripped bare the three areas of my life that were standing in the way of my relationship with Him:

1) My Superhero Complex (my ability to work hard, do things well, and usually succeed)

2) My “Understanding” of Myself (“I’ve been through counseling, I’ve totally got a grip on this!”)

3) My Solitude Complex (I’ll ask my friends, they’ll know what to do…)


You are not a superhero, nor were you created to be…

The beginning of the school term started with a meeting between the vice-principal, my department head, and myself. At the end of the meeting, they had removed one of the five classes I was teaching and I agreed to NOT coach a girl’s basketball team.

I walked to my friend’s house and cried.

I’m supposed to be able to do everything. I’m supposed to be serving in every capacity I can. I’m here to serve the Lord, right? I have these capabilities. I should be doing any and everything in my repertoire to serve this community. Right? Because if I do enough, I can pay God back. I can make it worth His while to have saved me…

The truth is, they were right. I was going to crash and burn if I continued with the workload I had, to the point where I may not have been able to return to PNG after my next scheduled furlough. And I hated that they could see that. I hated that no matter how hard I tried, I was incapable of doing it all. I hated my inability, my ineptitude. God had begun felling my wall of grandeur…


Click here for Part II…





A Track Analogy… Metaphor… Thing.

I Love Technology… and so do Papua New Guineans!

Hey everyone, here is an awesome story that looks at the way technology (Audio Bibles AND a Smart Phone App) is being used in Papua New Guinea to further the Bible Translation effort! Click the picture of the Audio Bible below to read about the Enga language group and how this new Smart Phone technology (being launched next week!) will allow people to hear God’s Word in their language for the first time!

(Click the picture to read!)

audi bible

Some Thoughts…

Welp. It’s October. I’ve been in America for three-and-a-half months. I’m pretty much exactly (this is a scientific term) half-way through my time here and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about getting back to PNG in January.

The longer I’m away from Ukarumpa, the stronger my desire is to return. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my friends and family. I got teary-eyed the other day when my mom and Grandmother mentioned Christmas ’cause I realized I’d be here for it. I’ve stayed with my best friend in Houston twice. So much laughter and adventures were had. Sadly, there are no pictures because we were too busy having fun to document ourselves having fun.

I also received one of the best comment EVER after sharing about translation work in PNG and my role there as a teacher. And I quote:

“Hey, thanks for sharing with us. I had no idea ANY of that was going on in the world.”

BOOM. Goal. Achieved.

So, my time here in America has been/will continue to be a good thing. Family. Friends. Sharing about God’s work. It’s a beautiful thing.


I’m ready to get back to my kids. My community. Serving God over there in the way He’s called me and gifted me to do. If I can be a teacher for a minute…

It’s kind of like before a race at a track meet (sorry my non-athletic friends, just go with me). The runners get in their lanes and stretch, psych themselves up, get their blocks set, take a couple of practice starts, do other runnery things (I was only in track because they made us do it in the off-season…I digress…) But eventually, you take your mark, get set, BOOM! Right now, I’m stretching and doing the runnery things. It’s good. It’s important to do those things. They make you run better. They get you ready. But… I want to run. I want the BOOM.

sports day
(Boys 110m hurdles from our all school track 
meet held each year at UIS)

The Percentage Point!

Photo on 2014-10-06 at 12.48 #2 Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 12.46.18 PM

Ladies and gentledudes, we are approaching the ever elusive half-way mark!

But Leah, what does 47% even mean? I’m glad you asked. It means that 47% of my MONTHLY budget has been covered due to the amazingness of partners joining in my ministry financially by giving monthly financial gifts. In order to return to PNG in January, I need to be 100% funded by December 7, also known as:

Dec 7

December 7 is a month before I need to be back in PNG. I need to be 100% funded by this date so that official paper work can be completed and that cannot be started until the 100% mark is reached.

Ways you can help:

  • Pray – for partners to join me in my ministry financially
  • Advocate – share what God is doing in PNG through my ministry there. Send them the link to this blog, and the link to my video summarizing what I do: http://youtu.be/JLIb_Q7auUs
  • Give – join with my ministry by becoming a monthly financial partner. You can follow the steps to give online at https://www.wycliffe.org/partner/leah-rigsby

In other news, I’m old…

I turn 28 next week. This is problematic because I still look like I’m sixteen. Evidence:

Leah 16 (2)Leah 27

The only differences are – glasses, tan, and confidence (i.e. the bigness of my smile). Side note – My 16th birthday must have been on Homecoming, hence the school spirit temporary tattoos (I played the snare drum at our football games). Side side note – apparently, the bigger my smile, the tinier my eyes are.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement! You guys are great!



Well hello there!! As you can see I took a month…er…two, hiatus. It’s not because I wanted to…it’s because I’m lazy. Alas, it’s true. It is my favorite spiritual gift. I used to think I was just a very efficient person. No. Not at all. I’m efficient because I’m lazy and don’t want to work any harder than absolutely necessary. So, if a bad quality causes a good quality does that in fact make the bad quality, bad? Boom! As a comedian once said, “Procrastinate now. Don’t put it off.”

Anywho. Those of you know me know I’m not really lazy. Every one has ebs and flows of laziness. And, truthfully, I didn’t have much to update about. Those of you who know me also know that if I don’t have anything to say, I usually don’t. And those of you who don’t know me, now you do.

Onward to the update!

So, there is a blog being posted so I obviously have some stuff to update you on.

1) My friend Meryl had a baby. That makes me feel really old.

2) Hunger Games rocked not only my socks off, but also my shoes and ankle braces. I don’t wear ankle braces, but if I did they would have been rocked off. And not the velcro kind, the lace up kind. Way harder to rock off.

3) I bought ‘Ghosts Upon the Earth’ by Gungor. Dude. Get it. It’s sweet

4) Create a station called “Pentatonix” on pandora.com. You won’t regret it.

And lastly-

Papua New Guinea!!! I am currently at 36% support. Over 1/3!! Boom. I went through a period of freaking out, and then Jesus was like, “Really?” and I was like, “My bad.” And then we fist bumped and everything was cool. Or something like that.

Another change to my schedule, is that I will be leaving mid-July now, instead of August. The school asked if I could get there early to start their school year off in July (they do year round school) rather than coming in in September after the August training. All that to say, I’m leaving a bit earlier, and that’s pretty sweet.

Other than that, I’ve sent in some forms, gotten together with some churches and that’s where we are. I’ve gotten many one time donations which has been awesome and I am still in need of monthly supporters. Other than that, things are smooth sailing.

I would now like to put forth a disclaimer-

If it seems like my level of excitement is not at a high enough level for one who is leaving the country, I apologize. I am excited. The reality of it hasn’t hit me yet, is all. For example, when I went to Israel last year, I wasn’t blown away or excited until the 2nd day I was actually in Israel. I tend to take things in stride to prevent freaking out, like “Yeah, being on a plane for twelve hours is normal.” I can’t visualize things before they are actually happening (like setting up a field while I was on REC Team. I had to lay out all of the tape and THEN make the rectangle straight). So, yes, I am super excited about this opportunity. I’ll make a video for you guys my second day in New Guinea so that you can relish in all of the pent up excitement that I had been holding back for months 🙂

Welp, that’s all I’ve got for now. Check out the links on the sidebar for more info!

Peace out, homie homes!



Short and Sweet

So….writing a weekly blog-update is difficult…especially when you don’t have anything to update on. Oh, sorry Googlers. As always, check the map to the left.

(if your wondering why I always reference “Googlers” it’s because most of my  ‘how people clicked on your blog’ statistics are from people Google-ing “where is Papua New Guinea.” I’m happy to help out.)

In New Guinean news, really all this week was about Hebrew and Tok Pisin. The Hebrew is getting progressively more difficult because there are thousands of ways to conjugate a verb. Well….there’s over twenty. In Tok Pisin… 3. I feel that if I were transplanted into Papua New Guinea right now, I could communicate while sounding like a 5 year old. If I were transplanted into Israel…. I could say… “I appointed (completed action in the past) the king.” Thus getting me committed into a hospital once the plane touched down in Tel Aviv. Or, I could look at random items and point out what they are. (Head! Fire! Life! Good Morning! Brother! Ancestor!… I’ve been memorizing vocab 🙂 Luckily for me, I have already been to Israel and finding someone who speaks English is not at all complicated…It just makes you feel like an American jerk 🙂 Anyways…

Tok Pisin has been really fun and is made WAY easy by having to compare it to the daunting task that is Hebrew, so I will continue working my way through the 1991 Peace Corp Tok Pisin Workbook and hopefully have some more to say about that soon!

In other news…. I saw Cinderella at the Houston Ballet today!!! It was super awesome. I LOVED it. I went for one of my best friend’s birthday and it was freaking good. She was slightly disappointed because Cinderella was a brunette with a pixie cut, but I am way more artistically forgiving than she is so…I wasn’t as distracted as she was. 🙂


My favorite choreography (that is not grammatically correct, but I didn’t want to say my favorite ‘move’) was this part where the ghost of Cinderella’s mother was lifted into the air by cemetery ghosts and passed back wards while the ghosts kept reforming the line and passing her back. Yeah…this was not your typical version of the Cinderella story… the ghosts basically took the place of the singing mice in the Disney version.I just tried to find a picture of the lift I just described… but I couldn’t 😦 Imagine a ballerina in a mosh pit. That is all.

Well, that’s it for this week, other than watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes (yes!) and Super 8 (double yes!!), things have been pretty much uneventful. If you have any questions or comments about Wycliffe or my journey in missions, let me know, I am happy to share.

Until next time,

Peace out homie, homes – Leah


If you or your church would like to take part in the “Pennies for New Guinea” fundraiser, send me an e-mail, facebook me, carrier pidgeon, whatevs. rigsbylr@gmail.com

Prayer and financial gifts: http://www.wycliffe.org/Partnership.aspx?mid=7F7EFA

Ridiculous videos of ridiculousness:  http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=520812186866

Coincidence? I think not…at least not in Biblical Hebrew…

Aaaannnnd We’re Back!! (Two points to you if you can name where the quote is from) Googlers, as always, head to the left and please consider reading the rest of this.

Alright kids, let’s continue where we left off…. TOK PISIN!

As previously mentioned, Tok Pisin is the common language used in New Guinea. I will be taking classes to learn it later when I arrive in New Guniea, but I’m an overachiever so… Google is a wonderful tool J. Another wonderful tool is being at the HBU (Houston Baptist University, my alma mater) library, googling Tok Pisin, finding an article only available on ERIC (a scholarly journal), which is only accessible if you pay for it which…bum bum bah! HBU does. Boom. I am now the proud owner of “Work book of Conversational Tok Pisin for the Peace Corp.” Circa…1991 or so. Not really sure. Any who. Let’s move on to the language rating:

Best part of Tok Pisin: There are only two prepositions. (i.e. there are only two words to represent the word like – above, about, beyond, under, until, through, in, etc…).

Worst part of Tok Pisin: There are only two prepositions. This makes for a lot of guess work… (is it in the tree, on the tree, behind the tree…guess I’ll have to go look.)

Onward to language number two…


In stark contrast to Tok Pisin, Hebrew has 857 prepositions. Yes, I’m exaggerating. But there’s a lot. I’ve come into contact with about 20 or so. And I’m just in the “basics” book.

“Wait, wait, wait, I thought is was New Guinea….what’s the deal with Hebrew?”

I’m glad you asked.

As previously mentioned in the “Fingerprints, Frustration, and Phonetics” post, my ultimate goal is to be involved in translating the Bible into a language that doesn’t have it yet. To do that…you need Hebrew and Greek. This is going to get a little crazy.   🙂

So now I’m in the process of learning Hebrew. Alphabet? Check. Vowel markers? Check. Pronunciation? Check. Memorizing jillions of nouns? Check. Verb conjugations? … uh oh.

So, I’ll keep you posted on any breaking Hebrew news but as for now… I’m just memorizing.


My FedEx package arrived in PNG (Papua New Guinea…I’m tired of typing out the whole thing… lazy American…) it is now awaiting international screening before it can be delivered to where it needs to be. Yay. In other PNG news, I am in need of sponsors/donors/whatever word makes sense to you to insert here. I have received some amazing one time donations, but am still in a large need for monthly ones. For ways to give, click on the Wycliffe logo on the left side of the page. Woot!

And now for the personal, in depth, part of the blog…

To anyone who has been called by God to do anything, we reach a point where doubt creeps up and you’re like, “What am I doing? Did I really get called to this?” This has pretty much been at the back of my mind ever since I applied to Wycliffe and, while I would love to report some huge big revelation that magically made the doubt go away, that hasn’t happened…yet. I’m still praying for that one. But even in the midst of doubt, God sends His comfort in various ways, we jut have to be ready to see them and recognize them as such when they happen. These are the things people like to write of as “coincidences.” Now, I’m not saying every coincidence is a work of God or that every work of God is a coincidence, but if it caused you to glorify God in some way or led to something being aligned that you’ve been praying for, or is something that can’t be explained…why would we want to limit God’s involvement, writing it off as a coincidence? No. If God is powerful enough to work in the big ways, then He is powerful enough to work in the little ways and we should be able to ascribe honor where it is due rather than just thinking it was chance. That’s just silly. What is causing me to say all of this?

My iPod.

Yesterday evening, I was driving to KFC thinking about life and everything that’s going on, pretty discouraged about almost all aspects of everything. I put in my iPod, which was on shuffle, and a song came on. I wasn’t really paying attention until the chorus played

“Give me an answer
Give me the way out
Give me the faith
To believe in these hard times…”

Well played, Jesus, well played.

As I was driving, I just began smiling and thought, “Message received Lord, message received.” Now, before criticisms begin to flow, do I think Jesus magically floated into my iPod to make sure that song came on at that exact moment in time? I don’t know. Probably not. Did that song come on and the Holy Spirit speak to me through the lyrics? Yes. Yes He did. He could have done so through a number of songs (probably not my Spice Girls CD… I digress), but that’s the one that came on. Did the song possess some magical Jesus power that made me magically undiscouraged and super peppy about life? Also, no. I’m still kind of discouraged, but I’ve been reminded of a lot of things through that song playing:

–       God knows what I feel like
–       He wants me to be aware that He knows
–       He wants me to cry out to Him
–       He is there to listen, comfort, counsel, and provide
–       I need to repent because I haven’t been calling out to Him, but relying on myself.

So, now it’s up to me to swallow my pride and cling to Him. Easier said than done. But that’s where we are.

Or, I could have written it off as a coincidence.

Peace out homie, homes! – Leah

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