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So….writing a weekly blog-update is difficult…especially when you don’t have anything to update on. Oh, sorry Googlers. As always, check the map to the left.

(if your wondering why I always reference “Googlers” it’s because most of my  ‘how people clicked on your blog’ statistics are from people Google-ing “where is Papua New Guinea.” I’m happy to help out.)

In New Guinean news, really all this week was about Hebrew and Tok Pisin. The Hebrew is getting progressively more difficult because there are thousands of ways to conjugate a verb. Well….there’s over twenty. In Tok Pisin… 3. I feel that if I were transplanted into Papua New Guinea right now, I could communicate while sounding like a 5 year old. If I were transplanted into Israel…. I could say… “I appointed (completed action in the past) the king.” Thus getting me committed into a hospital once the plane touched down in Tel Aviv. Or, I could look at random items and point out what they are. (Head! Fire! Life! Good Morning! Brother! Ancestor!… I’ve been memorizing vocab 🙂 Luckily for me, I have already been to Israel and finding someone who speaks English is not at all complicated…It just makes you feel like an American jerk 🙂 Anyways…

Tok Pisin has been really fun and is made WAY easy by having to compare it to the daunting task that is Hebrew, so I will continue working my way through the 1991 Peace Corp Tok Pisin Workbook and hopefully have some more to say about that soon!

In other news…. I saw Cinderella at the Houston Ballet today!!! It was super awesome. I LOVED it. I went for one of my best friend’s birthday and it was freaking good. She was slightly disappointed because Cinderella was a brunette with a pixie cut, but I am way more artistically forgiving than she is so…I wasn’t as distracted as she was. 🙂


My favorite choreography (that is not grammatically correct, but I didn’t want to say my favorite ‘move’) was this part where the ghost of Cinderella’s mother was lifted into the air by cemetery ghosts and passed back wards while the ghosts kept reforming the line and passing her back. Yeah…this was not your typical version of the Cinderella story… the ghosts basically took the place of the singing mice in the Disney version.I just tried to find a picture of the lift I just described… but I couldn’t 😦 Imagine a ballerina in a mosh pit. That is all.

Well, that’s it for this week, other than watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes (yes!) and Super 8 (double yes!!), things have been pretty much uneventful. If you have any questions or comments about Wycliffe or my journey in missions, let me know, I am happy to share.

Until next time,

Peace out homie, homes – Leah


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Coincidence? I think not…at least not in Biblical Hebrew…

Aaaannnnd We’re Back!! (Two points to you if you can name where the quote is from) Googlers, as always, head to the left and please consider reading the rest of this.

Alright kids, let’s continue where we left off…. TOK PISIN!

As previously mentioned, Tok Pisin is the common language used in New Guinea. I will be taking classes to learn it later when I arrive in New Guniea, but I’m an overachiever so… Google is a wonderful tool J. Another wonderful tool is being at the HBU (Houston Baptist University, my alma mater) library, googling Tok Pisin, finding an article only available on ERIC (a scholarly journal), which is only accessible if you pay for it which…bum bum bah! HBU does. Boom. I am now the proud owner of “Work book of Conversational Tok Pisin for the Peace Corp.” Circa…1991 or so. Not really sure. Any who. Let’s move on to the language rating:

Best part of Tok Pisin: There are only two prepositions. (i.e. there are only two words to represent the word like – above, about, beyond, under, until, through, in, etc…).

Worst part of Tok Pisin: There are only two prepositions. This makes for a lot of guess work… (is it in the tree, on the tree, behind the tree…guess I’ll have to go look.)

Onward to language number two…


In stark contrast to Tok Pisin, Hebrew has 857 prepositions. Yes, I’m exaggerating. But there’s a lot. I’ve come into contact with about 20 or so. And I’m just in the “basics” book.

“Wait, wait, wait, I thought is was New Guinea….what’s the deal with Hebrew?”

I’m glad you asked.

As previously mentioned in the “Fingerprints, Frustration, and Phonetics” post, my ultimate goal is to be involved in translating the Bible into a language that doesn’t have it yet. To do that…you need Hebrew and Greek. This is going to get a little crazy.   🙂

So now I’m in the process of learning Hebrew. Alphabet? Check. Vowel markers? Check. Pronunciation? Check. Memorizing jillions of nouns? Check. Verb conjugations? … uh oh.

So, I’ll keep you posted on any breaking Hebrew news but as for now… I’m just memorizing.


My FedEx package arrived in PNG (Papua New Guinea…I’m tired of typing out the whole thing… lazy American…) it is now awaiting international screening before it can be delivered to where it needs to be. Yay. In other PNG news, I am in need of sponsors/donors/whatever word makes sense to you to insert here. I have received some amazing one time donations, but am still in a large need for monthly ones. For ways to give, click on the Wycliffe logo on the left side of the page. Woot!

And now for the personal, in depth, part of the blog…

To anyone who has been called by God to do anything, we reach a point where doubt creeps up and you’re like, “What am I doing? Did I really get called to this?” This has pretty much been at the back of my mind ever since I applied to Wycliffe and, while I would love to report some huge big revelation that magically made the doubt go away, that hasn’t happened…yet. I’m still praying for that one. But even in the midst of doubt, God sends His comfort in various ways, we jut have to be ready to see them and recognize them as such when they happen. These are the things people like to write of as “coincidences.” Now, I’m not saying every coincidence is a work of God or that every work of God is a coincidence, but if it caused you to glorify God in some way or led to something being aligned that you’ve been praying for, or is something that can’t be explained…why would we want to limit God’s involvement, writing it off as a coincidence? No. If God is powerful enough to work in the big ways, then He is powerful enough to work in the little ways and we should be able to ascribe honor where it is due rather than just thinking it was chance. That’s just silly. What is causing me to say all of this?

My iPod.

Yesterday evening, I was driving to KFC thinking about life and everything that’s going on, pretty discouraged about almost all aspects of everything. I put in my iPod, which was on shuffle, and a song came on. I wasn’t really paying attention until the chorus played

“Give me an answer
Give me the way out
Give me the faith
To believe in these hard times…”

Well played, Jesus, well played.

As I was driving, I just began smiling and thought, “Message received Lord, message received.” Now, before criticisms begin to flow, do I think Jesus magically floated into my iPod to make sure that song came on at that exact moment in time? I don’t know. Probably not. Did that song come on and the Holy Spirit speak to me through the lyrics? Yes. Yes He did. He could have done so through a number of songs (probably not my Spice Girls CD… I digress), but that’s the one that came on. Did the song possess some magical Jesus power that made me magically undiscouraged and super peppy about life? Also, no. I’m still kind of discouraged, but I’ve been reminded of a lot of things through that song playing:

–       God knows what I feel like
–       He wants me to be aware that He knows
–       He wants me to cry out to Him
–       He is there to listen, comfort, counsel, and provide
–       I need to repent because I haven’t been calling out to Him, but relying on myself.

So, now it’s up to me to swallow my pride and cling to Him. Easier said than done. But that’s where we are.

Or, I could have written it off as a coincidence.

Peace out homie, homes! – Leah

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