check, check. one, two, one, two….

Hey hey peoples! We’re back for another Saturday edition of Wait….where’s that, again?

I’m not going to lie to you, this weekend has been fairly ridiculous and I am just now sitting down to write this at 10:00pm Saturday night with no previous organizational endeavors.

So….we’re just going to go stream of consciousness on this one. (BOOM! Math teacher knows English phrase-ology…).

Any who, all has been pretty quiet on the New Guinea front. My mom had to mail me my high school diploma so I can send it to the Papua New Guinean government with my college diploma and teacher certification, thus proving I am fit to work in their country. I also have to submit finger prints so that in the event I go on thieving rampage, they can find and arrest me. So this week was all about prayer and paper work. I also received a couple of one time donations, so that made my heart a wee bit lighter because as we established in the previous blog….I hate money.

So, since that’s all that has happened on the New Guinean front, we’re going to move on to a sections  entitled:


I’m so glad you asked. This weekend was pretty stinkin’ awesome. I got to help my friend Nikki lead worship at girls D-Now (Disciple now – Christian youth group retreat thing). She sang, I played guitar and the worship was great. Excellent, even. The only problem was…

You see, about a year ago, my guitar broke. (For those who speak guitar, my bridge popped off and snapped in half. Yeah. Lame.). I didn’t have the money to fix it, guitar center said they couldn’t fix it, and I had no idea who to send it to. So, alas, it laid precariously in the case for about a year and when I needed a guitar I would borrow one. This past October, a friend was taking his bass guitar to get fixed and offered to take my guitar as well, and voila! My guitar has been resurrected and ready to rock out. What I didn’t take into consideration was….the muscles in my arms….not ready to rock out.

Uh oh.

So, Friday night, great set. My arm hurt a little, but nothing to bad. Saturday morning set. A little ridiculous. But I bought some icy hot, massaged my arm and thought everything would be good for the….

Third. Set.

Saturday night. 4 Songs. Last service. I need to be at my best. Here is my thought process:

First two songs: Great. This is going to be good. Ah! I broke a pick! Quick, grab another from the music stand! Alright….

Third song: Oh man. This isn’t good. These bar chords (use ALL your arm muscle) are killing me…

Fourth Song: Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. I’m dying. My arm is abut to fall off of my body. It’s ok, keep going….keep going….HAND CRAMP!!!!! I can’t move my fingers! Lord, Jesus please, please move my hand to the next chord…

Now. That last sentence might seem like an exaggeration…. it isn’t. I was literally praying that my hand would move to the next chord. I played sports in high school and I never had to fight through pain as much as I had to tonight during worship.

Anywho, enough of me whining, and more of me getting to the point. The point is it didn’t matter that my hand hurt or that I missed some chords. My playing a guitar while my arm hurts doesn’t make me awesome. It makes God awesome. The moving of the Holy Spirit is not dependent on perfect music, perfect words on the screen, perfect lighting or anything of the things that can go wrong and distract us. God humbled me in that VERY quickly tonight when I began to freak out that I wasn’t able to play my best because of my arm. God was like:
“Really? You’re going to ruin worship? The fact that you miss chords are going to ruin the movement of my Spirit among my people? Wow. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on the muscular structure of those playing instruments. I’ll have to be sure to get an angel on that next time.”   (I believe we established earlier that I like it when God is sarcastic)

To which I responded: “I’m an idiot. Sorry.”

To which He said: “You’re already forgiven. Now start worshiping me and stop worrying about your arm.”

To which I said: “Ok.”

So, to make a long story even longer, the Spirit was there in worship tonight, and at all of the services. But not cause we were awesome. But because people were hungering for Him and coming together for the sole purpose of worshiping Him, and He answered. As simple as that. Out of His love, God responds to His people’s cry.

Ok. Enough preachy time.

All that said, I love helping lead worship. I’m more of a back ground person. I’ll lead when I have too, but I’d much rather play behind someone else. I really enjoy playing for Nikki because she is so in-tune (pun most definitely intended) with the Spirit, where He’s leading in worship, and is able to lead the other members of the praise team and I in worship even if the congregation is unresponsive. Which is VERY hard to do. She also gives me hand signals to I know when to get loud and when to shut up (I play the drums. the signal to “shut up” is her ever so casually reaching her hand behind her and waving it as if she were telling a two year old to sit down 🙂  ) and I love it. Because unlike a few drummers, I want the drums to enhance the service, not just be as loud as I can get away with being.

Welp. That’s about all I have for you here. We’ve talked about New Guinea and Worship. I’d say that we’ve had a productive time together.

Peace out homie homes! – Leah