Prayer – July/Aug/Sept 2017


Anjam Bible Dedication 2015 (photo by Sarah Halferty)

Bible Translation in PNG
The Barok and Kasua language groups New Testament Bible Dedications are coming up in September and October. Bible dedications are a time of celebration and rejoicing for God’s provision in the decades long process that is Bible translation. The Barok and Kasua people will organize their celebrations which include traditional singing and dancing, dramas, speeches given by the the national and ex-pat translators, prayer, and praise and worship times celebrating the arrival of the New Testament in their language for the first time. Please be in prayer for the logistics and travel surrounding these celebrations and that God would be glorified.

A Translator Training Course (July 19 – Aug 23) happening in Alotau with six different language groups. These courses are designed to equip Papua New Guinean translators for the task of Bible translation. These courses provides training in translation principles, Bible background, study skills, and language discovery.
Click here to see a video about the Translator Training Course

The Country of PNG

As PNG National Election results have been announced, there have been pockets of civil unrest break out in various parts of the country.
Concerns about potential unrest in the Aiyura Valley have caused some SIL paid staff to remain in their home villages.  Their absence from work has resulted in some Ukarumpa department closures.
As a proactive security measure, a decision was made on Sunday night to close today’s centre market.  On advice from the Police, the market will remain closed for the remainder of the week.
The SIL-PNG Directorate and Security staff are continuing to monitor the Valley situation to determine if additional security measures are necessary.
Please pray with us that God will enable a peaceful transition to the new government, at local and National levels.

Ukarumpa International School – Secondary (Middle/High School)
The Ukarumpa Youth Ministry is preparing for the Grade 9 – 12 Youth Retreat in September. This involves arranging security for the retreat site, cooking logistics to feed around 80 high school students (without being able to just order a pizza!), and coordinating the travel arrangements for 100 people in a country where the stability of roads and bridges is uncertain. Please pray for the logistics to come together smoothly and for the students to have open hearts and minds to respond to God’s movement in their lives.

Ukarumpa International School began their school year on July 19. This year Grade 6 has moved to the secondary campus (middle/high school level) for the first time, ever! Please pray for the school administration and teachers as we set up a stronger Middle School (Gr. 6 – 8) and for the grade 6 students to not be nervous or afraid of being with the “big kids.”

Furlough is always a time of transition, not only from one country to another, but between ever shifting mindsets of rest, catching up with friends, seeing family, speaking engagements, preparing to go back to PNG, etc… Please pray that I can find a balance between the things I want to do, the things I should do, and the rest I should take, so that they all fall under the things God has for me to do.

I am currently receiving around 75% of the monthly financial support I need to serve in PNG. In order to return to PNG in Jan 2018, I need to be at 100%. Please pray for opportunities for me to share about my ministry in PNG and for people to respond if God calls them to partner with my Wycliffe ministry financially.

Thanks for your prayers!

3 thoughts on “Prayer – July/Aug/Sept 2017

  1. Praying for you right now and for a great first day of school on tomorrow. May God continue to pour His blessings on you as you do work for His kingdom.

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