About Me

I’m Leah Rigsby, I’m twenty-nine years old, from Dallas, TX, and I am a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators serving in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea

Here’s a map:



Blog purpose:

The people have spoken and they wish to hear of my adventures…

Main Job:

Secondary Teacher, Ukarumpa International School (so far, I am teaching Math, English, and Spanish)

Bonus Jobs:

Coach (softball, basketball, volleyball), Light Technician, Youth Band Mentor, Youth Small Group Leader, Choir Lackey, Percussion Volunteer (for the H.S. Band)

Education Background:

Metropolitan Christian School, Dallas, TX – 2005

Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX – 2009


I love Jesus. I use the term “religious” loosely. I don’t ascribe to a certain denomination. I ascribe to Christ.

Things I love:

making people laugh. mexican food. performing skits. playing the drums. playing the guitar. volleyball. teaching. my students. harry potter. people who use parentheses and ellipses to convey sarcasm and comedic pauses.

Things I dislike:

making people cry. seaweed. watching skits performed by people who can’t perform skits. hearing the organ played when it’s on the ugly setting. the dobro. twilight. not being able to sleep on long airplane flights.


Why are you still reading about me? Creeper…


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