It’s School Break, Y’all!

Ladies and gentledudes… the 2014-2015 school year is over. Yesterday was graduation and today began the first of many drives to the airstrip to say goodbye to the seniors as they fly back to their home/university countries. My eyes are puffy from the tears, but I am so proud of these graduates. Please pray for them as they make their way back to these strange countries that will now be their homes, some for the next four years, and some for the rest of their lives.


Graduation selfie. Don't worry, the asst. principal told them they could.

I’ll be updating you guys on all the happenings of this school term, but for this post we’ll just stick with graduation. For the ceremony I got to:

  • Run the sound board
  • Edit the processional music so it lasted for four minutes instead of two
  • Lead worship for the ceremony
  • Read scripture


Leading worship.


Reading part of Psalm 139 for the ceremony.

I and my friends – the Halfertys ( and the Halbrooks ( – also had a BRILLIANT idea for a funny video to give the seniors as a last present. Unfortunately, we had the idea on Sunday night at 11pm and graduation was on Tuesday. So, Monday was filled with me frantically editing and us shooting some scenes that night to have the video ready by Tuesday evening.

The video would make absolutely no sense to anyone except the kids, but here’s a screen cap to give you an idea of the ridiculousness we presented to them:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.57.26 PM

This is why we’re all friends.

Now, that school break is in session, I will be able to update you on all that has happened since I have returned. I am so happy to be back here teaching and working with the kids. Thank you all for your prayers and support!


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