It’s Been a While…

Don’t worry. I’m not gonna bust into that song by “Staind.” (If you got that reference…then you were just as angsty in high school as I was.)

Sorry guys. I’ve taken a long blog hiatus. Things have been INSANE over here! But, rather than bore you with paragraphs regaling my activities, I’m going to share a thought I had a couple of weeks ago.

A Thought…

Sometimes, when you are a missionary in a supporting role (i.e. “Supporting Bible translation through teaching missionary kids), you can get ‘missionary envy.’ What is missionary envy you may ask? Exactly what it sounds like. I’m envious of the calling of others. The ones who are in the villages teaching Papua New Guineans and translating. The ones who are training pastors on how to preach in their own language. The ones who go into a village after a Bible dedication to teach them HOW to use their new Bibles. They’re so important! They’re so holy! Does what I’m doing even matter in comparison?

And that’s where Satan sinks in his claws and continues to feed you lies. Cause guess what? There is no “Christian hierarchy of awesomeness.” Living our lives, wherever God has positioned us, in a manner that glorifies Him and brings about deep relationships centered on Him is what is important. Some of this happens in the village and is focused on Papua New Guineans. Some of this happens on center in Ukarumpa and is focused on the teens here. Some of this happens in America and is focused on your co-workers. And on, and on, I could go.

I was asked by friend on center to write a brief summary of what my role is here and why I do what I do. It’s for a calendar or something. Anyways, God knew I needed to process some of these insecurities and gave me this thought, which, I think, is pretty neat:

“…if while we (as a Bible translation organization) are working to transform Papua New Guinean lives through Bible translation, but don’t also work to transform the lives of missionary children, then we’re taking two steps forward and one step back. My role in working with these students helps us as an organization to speak into the lives of all who are involved in Bible translation.”

Bam! I do matter! Just kidding. What I do doesn’t make me matter. The fact that God created me and loves me makes me matter. But that’s a completely different blog topic.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Without them I wouldn’t be able to do life here and glorify God by working with the teens here.

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