Fortnight Friday! “Episode” 3!

What’s up ladies and gentledudes?! For this installment of Fortnight Friday, I thought I’d update my blog rather than upload a video because:

1) I haven’t updated the blog since I’ve been back.
2) It’s costs me about $20 of internet to upload ONE video.
3) I was lazy and didn’t film these past two weeks. 🙂

Here’s what’s been going on the past couple of weeks!

I Teach Children:

Our math classes here are split into two tracks: Advanced and Regular.

The advanced track allows kids to be able to take Calculus in 12th Grade and get AP credit for college, while the Regular track just need through Algebra II or Pre-Calculus. This means our math classes are smaller, since usually each grade has half advanced and half regular track students.

My Classes:

  • 7th Grade Pre-Algebra: 8 kids – 7 boys and 1 girl. They are hilarious. Talkative, but hilarious.
  • 10th Grade Geometry: 12 kids. I taught them Algebra I last year and I’m gonna try to finagle my schedule to teach them Algebra II next year. They’re great, super hard working kids.
  • 11th/12th Grade Pre-Calculus Honors: 13 kids. I love Pre-Calculus. Trigonometry makes me happy. I love teaching the older kids, too. They understand sarcasm. It’s great fun.
  • 8th/9th Grade Algebra I: 20 kids. These guys keep me on my toes. A common command I have to give: “Don’t shout out the answer! You’ll ruin the movie for everyone!” They get very excited when they solve problems. Go math!

Extra-curricular Goodness:

  • I’m in band! And by “in band” I mean… In band. Not an adult sponsor. I’m just a member of the percussion section. I love being able to do this because 1) My high school didn’t have band and 2) I get the chance to bond with the students in a different way than just being their teacher.
  • I’m a Small Choir Ensemble Sponsor! I get to direct eight students as they perform two basically acapella pieces (one features the cello). We meet once a week after school to rehearse and they will perform the pieces at the choir concert. Woot!
  • Light Crew Manager! This term, the high school puts on a play. And a play needs to be lit. With lights. That are, like, 25 years old. And blow fuses. The main “light guy” is graduating this year, so I’m going to train some 9th graders to become our new lighting experts. Go technical behind the scenes things!

Youth Ministry:

  • I spoke at the Youth Service on Feb 8 about finding our satisfaction in God! Yay speaking!
  • I got to play (twice!) with the two youth bands during the Sunday evening youth service!
  • I and my friends Evan and Sarah got to lead worship for the kids at a youth band retreat. We played stripped down, acoustic versions of songs and it was super fun. The Holy Spirit moved and we had a great time of unabashed worship of our Lord.

SP Instruments

Packing up the instruments after helping out with the worship band!

Community Things:

  • Playing drums for the Sunday morning service!
  • Community volleyball game with ex-pat and Papua New Guinean ladies

See guys, I did stuff. I just didn’t bring my camera with me. 🙂  I’ll do better for the next fortnight Friday, promise!

Here are links to videos from the past month or so:

Visit the updated prayer page to see what you can be praying for!

Thanks everyone!

– Leah