Monday, Monday…

Ba dah, ba dah dah dah. Fun fact: “The Mama’s and the Papas – Greatest Hits” was, like, the third CD I ever owned. And by “owned” I mean, stole from my parents and never gave back. Sorry, parents. I was in fourth grade. I digress.

Hey everyone! I’m currently in the town of Lincolnton, North Carolina, hanging out with my friend Brandy and her family before I leave for Papua New Guinea on… you guessed it…Monday! (Now the singing rabbit trail makes sense. I’m a teacher, I always bring it back full circle. Sometimes. Maybe.)

Brandy and I are housemates in PNG, so while she is on furlough now, I will go back (on Monday!), watch over the house, try to not break anything, await her return, and try not to break anything. Is there an echo in here?

Brandy and I doing American things together! Like taking pictures in front of a Christmas-y 
decorated court house and seeing movies... at a theater!

lincolntonbarnes mockingjaybarnes

I still cannot believe I am returning to PNG in time for the start of the second semester of school. I am SO READY to teach again. What will I be teaching, you ask? Bullet points!

  • 7th Grade: Pre-Algebra
  • 8th/9th Grade: Algebra I
  • 10th Grade: Geometry
  • 11th/12th Grade: Pre-Calculus

These past few months have been the first EVER August through December that I have not been in school. Like…ever. Since I was four. And I’m twenty-eight. So the sentence, “This is the first August in twenty-four years I haven’t been in school,” sounds pretty impressive. Also sad. I’m almost thirty. Let’s move on.

To say I’m excited about my impending 37 hour journey (on Monday!) would be a bit of an over-statement. The biggest fear I have is not being able to sleep. Back in 2012, when I first went to PNG, my flights were impeccable. I chilled out on my layovers and slept on my flights. It was perfect. This past June, when I came back to the US…not so much. I think in the span of my 54 hours or travel I got, maybe, four hours of sleep. Not a good time. So, prayer for sleep on the planes (I’ll be on four of them) would be greatly appreciated.

Links to cool things!

Remember the Leedahl family? Jon was in an accident in PNG back in October and lost his right leg. He was in critical condition in our clinic through the night in Ukarumpa, was immediately flown to Australia the next morning, has been through multiple surgeries over the past two months, and finally… Jon has been discharged as an outpatient! Thank you so much to all who have been praying for them! If you haven’t checked out their story, please visit their website (click on their photo below) to see the amazing work of God in their lives.


My friends the Halbrooks were featured in a video about Wycliffe! They are also teachers at Ukraumpa International School and how they feel about supporting Bible translation through teaching is the same way I do! Click the picture below to see the short video!


Thanks so much everyone!

– Leah