Here We Go…

Please be in prayer for me to trust in God’s timing and plan. I’d be lying if I said the past week didn’t involve some crying and frustrated prayers on my part. I don’t know what God has in store, but I do know that if it is me being back in Papua New Guinea in January, here’s what needs to happen:

ONE WEEK and $943/month to be at 100%

($943/mo - updated Dec 1)


I need to be at 100% by December 7, in order to return to Papua New Guinea by January 7, for the start of the second semester of school so we will have enough math teachers for all of the classes we offer.

Leah, why do you need to be at 100% a month in advance? I’m glad you asked. Here are some bullet points:

  • It takes paperwork to re-enter a country
  • It takes paperwork to work in a another country
  • It takes paperwork to plan travel arrangements and living situations
  • I think you see where I’m going here…


As of December 1, this is the amount left per month to get to 100% of my required ministry budget. Your monthly partnerships with my ministry are what make it possible for me to serve in Papua New Guinea. These partnerships are so important to the work done in Papua New Guinea and throughout the world. Without them, the Bible would not get translated into the languages that need them. Thank you SO MUCH for the role you play as financial and prayer partners in Bible translation!

Important Info!

Please prayerfully consider if God is asking you to be part of my ministry to missionary kids and their families in PNG. A monthly gift of any size will help meet my remaining need of $943/month.

**If you cannot start your partnership until after the December 7 deadline, please let me know, now, what you are considering and that amount can still go toward meeting 100%! Send me an e-mail at

To Give Online (card or check) go to

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement! Please continue to pray for 100% by December 7! Check here to see the progress over the next week!

– Leah

All the Emotions…


I got the opportunity to speak at a missions conference Saturday night and it was fantastic! I love sharing about all the things God is doing through Bible translation in PNG and my work with missionary kids there. It’s such a privilege to give people a view of God they don’t get to see every day and I get an adrenaline rush whenever I talk about it.

Presenting an illustration at the missions conference about the support system needed for Bible translation to happen

I also got to play drums AND sing in TOK PISIN (the major trade language of Papua New Guinea) this Sunday! So. much. fun. All the fun was had.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are also right around the corner and I get to spend it with my family! Those two years I was gone were the first time I had ever been away from my family for the holidays, so I’m SUPER EXCITED about spending time with all of them.


I choose this family holiday photo because I look the most ridiculous, so no one can get mad I posted this (sorry aunts, uncles, and cousins 😉 ). You can tell it’s the 90’s by the patterns. You can tell it’s the holidays by the vests and themed sweaters. You can tell it’s me by my glasses. You’re welcome.

Sad + Frustrated + well…Angry

I hesitated to use the word “angry”… but it’s a legit emotion I’m feeling with all the others. My ministry is in Papua New Guinea. That’s where my heart is. And I want my physical body to be there in January. I’m a month away from needing to be fully supported with monthly gifts… and it feels too far out of reach. I’m currently at 50% of my monthly needs. In 30 days, I need to be at 100%. And I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that I can’t see how it’s going to happen. Sad that if I do not get to return in January, then somehow, I’ve failed. Angry… angry that one day I have complete trust in God and *know* I’ll be back in January, and the next day full of doubt, worrying it might not happen. Which leads to the next emotion…


God’s timing is His timing. Don’t get me wrong, I will pray until December 6th that I reach 100% by December 7th. But if that doesn’t happen and I return to PNG later than planned… fine. God is God, and I will one day be able to look back and say,”I see what you did there, Lord.” Because He is perfect. His timeline is perfect. And if I keep telling myself that, keep preaching the truth to myself, one day the roller coaster will stop, and trust will become a habit. But for now, I preach the truth to myself daily, and fight to trust.


I have the most amazing set up a missionary on furlough could ever ask for, ever. I live with my Grandmother. My GRAND.MOTHER. My breakfast is always awesome. I have access to her car whenever I want, except for Thursday mornings when she get’s her hair done. I have my own bathroom. My life is pretty rad, y’all. PLUS, my grandmother’s house is conveniently located five minutes away from my parents. So I can see them whenever I want, but then come back to my own space so we don’t kill each other (love you mom!). I’m in what they call a “win-win” situation. PLUS my mom and dad are awesome. They buy their little missionary daughter clothes, books, groceries, glasses, and ukulele cases while asking for nothing in return except a hug and for me to make a video for them. And to scan pictures. And convert 8mm film to DVD. I guess I’m earning my keep a little bit. 😉 In other words: My family is awesome. (My parents also gave me their Netflix password. That’s unconditional love, y’all)

Scan 9 Me and Grandmother a few years ago.

Links and Prayer Requests

Click here to read a short story about Kenny Aiprum, a Papua New Guinean translator who has been working on the team translating the Bible into his language – Sissano – for the past twelve years.

Please continue to be in prayer for the Leedahls. To stay informed and see how you can be praying for them daily, please visit their website:

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– Leah