I’m currently sitting in my best friend’s apartment in Houston thinking about what to write for this post. I don’t really have any stories. I’m still going back and forth between Dallas and Houston trying to see everyone I can. I get to visit some friends in Colorado and Florida. My initial shock-and-awe of America seems to have worn off (and by worn off, I mean I have figured out how to cope). Blah, blah, blah. Lame, lame, lame.

So, I think what I’d like to talk about today are some things to pray for. And in true math teacher form, yes. I have a list.

1. My Trust in Jesus

I know, right? We’d think the #1 thing would be that I’d get 100% financially supported by January. But no. That’s not what is most critical. My trust that God can, will, and has opened up the correct doors for the financial-ness is what’s important. Every time I get a new monthly gift, my heart soars with gratitude. I thank God for what He’s done and my waning confidence is pushed aside, but then later… the numbers get a hold of my mathematical brain and I start getting nervous again. I think this is why in the Old Testament God didn’t want David to count the Israelites (I’m not a scholar, I had to google those details just now). They became confident (or not so much) in their numbers rather than the fact that God told Him what He was going to do and to trust in Him.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying that I should just go take a nap and hope God works everything out like He’s a magician or something. But I should be working out of a solid hope and trust in Him, not out of panic that I have to fix things.

I apologize for the impromptu sermon.

2. Unrest in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea

Remember that bridge fell down rendering Ukarumpa cut off to the main highway to the rest of PNG? We’ll, now that the bridge has been fixed, there is another, more serious, obstacle to be prayed for:

(click to read article)

Goroka is the closet major city to Ukarumpa, about two hours away. These blockades mean we cannot travel to that city. This weekend, the high school students were supposed to have a four day spiritual retreat in the city, and plans had to be cancelled to move the retreat to another location on center, in Ukarumpa. Our Auto Shop and Store also travel to Goroka to get parts and supplies. The conflict also involves a man from our neighboring town of Kainantu. Pray for peace, resolution, compassion, and forgiveness for all involved.

3. Non-cynicalness (of my attitude)/Genuine Interest (of others)

Sometimes, I can be a bit cynical. Example: I only wrote two blog entries in the year 2013. Why? I didn’t think anyone cared or wanted to read stories about a twenty-something teaching missionary kids overseas. Other than my mom. But she can just hack into my facebook and look at pictures. I digress…

Upon my return to the ‘Murica I was accosted by my parents as to why I hadn’t been updating my blog. Before I could callously respond with – ’cause only you read it – they informed me that their friends had kept up with it and were asking them why I hadn’t written in so long.


So, this, in part, is why you have been bombarded with e-mails from me over the past three months with updates and videos. I want to make up for my previous lengthy silence. My bad, y’all.

And while I accept up to 85% of the blame… ok… 90%, I need you guys to meet me that other 10% of the way. What am I getting at?

It’s good to hear from you guys, too. I stalk on facebook as much as my budget allows me to, but at the end of the day NOTHING is as exciting as getting an e-mail from someone back in the States saying:

“Hey I read your blog! Here are the things I think about the topic of your blog post. I’ll be praying for the thing I read about in your post. Here’s what I’ve been up to… … … …we should Skype!”

I think I may have gotten three or four of those kind of e-mails in the two years I was gone, not including ones from my mom. Now, if you’re squirming and feeling guilty, don’t. Remember, I’ve already taken 90% … fine 95% … of the blame on this one. Let’s work together to make the next three year term I’m gone a bit more… informative for one another 🙂 Let’s move on…

Videos for your perusal:

Want to help out with prayer request #3? Watch these videos 🙂 If you’ve already have… aren’t they great?!

arop close
(click the image to watch the short film on YouTube)
This is an amazing short film. A.MAZING. It’s so good, y’all. It’s the story of a Papua New Guinea translation project that some of my friends and parents of one of my students are a part of. Watch it. I cried. These stories are the reason I am teaching where I am.

Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 3.07.19 PM
(click the image to watch the clip on YouTube)

The PNG Experience: Faces of Bible Translation – Teachers
1) My friend made this video. Cause she’s awesome. 2) It’s a great look at UIS, the school I teach at in PNG, why we are there, and our need for more teachers.

Onward to…

The Percentage Point!

Photo on 2014-09-14 at 16.39 #3

That’s right! 43% of my monthly budget is covered. If you’re interested in partnering with my ministry in ANY way – prayer, finances, encouragement, introducing me to your church/small group/youth group – shoot me an e-mail at and we’ll get started!!

You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership. Peace out!