A New Merit Badge and The Percentage Point

What up ladies and gentledudes.

I know I’m a little late on story of the week. You can handle it. I believe in you. As always, before the story, I want to point you toward a super awesome video of amazingness my peoples back in PNG made. It shows the culmination of years and years of work leading to a Bible Dedication in Long Island (PNG…not NYC). The dedication took place a month and a half ago on June 8 and… it’s amazing. You should watch it. Right now. Do it. I’ll wait for you.

The Word Has Come to Long Island – PNG Experience Video

Alright, now that you’re all teary and contemplating the wonderfulness of our Lord, we’re gonna talk about something that’s really important. Today’s STORY OF THE WEEK topic is…


That’s right. I said it. So, some back story. I started driving when I was 18. Yep. 18. High school senior. I was terrified to learn and my parents eventually forced it on me since, you know, I was gonna go to college and stuff. I’ve gotten all the driving merit badges – First Wreck (I rear ended someone in traffic going like 3mph. Tragic.), Speeding Ticket, Rolling Stop Warning, etc… I even have some of the more coveted badges like Driving a Stick Shift and Driving on the Left (both provided by moving to PNG, of course). And now, I get an even rarer badge. I get the:


It’s true. Driving on the Dallas highway after being gone for two years has caused an infinite increase in the “driving is serious business” and “be ready to take evasive action” portions of my brain (titles courtesy of my dad who taught me how to drive). So here’s my summary of driving in the states:

You people are nuts.

I saw a guy swerve across two lanes of traffic to make an exit and I shouted (in my head) “It is raining, sir!” He didn’t care. Like Demi Lovato. I’ve honked – HONKED – at texters swerving into my lane (I glared as they passed me but they didn’t see…cause they were texting). And then I realize…

I used to be one of you.

Lord, forgive of my many driving sins. I now realize what I was doing.

So, the next time you speed up, ride someone’s bumper, then pass them at 100mph… take pity. They could be a missionary and you just made them pee their pants. Chill out.

Alright, ranting aside, I will now bring you a new portion of the blog I like to call “The Percentage Point” *cue dance party theme music*  … … …

Percentage Point Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 9.40.45 PM

I know right. I made it in power point and then took a screen shot. Cause I’m classy.

This is the portion of the blog where I update you on how close I am to returning to PNG in January. See those boxes? Each one is a percent. We need to fill those in. Once the entire PNG flag is visible, I get to go back to PNG. Boom!

But Leah, how do I get one of those boxes filled? I’m glad you asked! I’m in need of partners who will give monthly to my ministry. To do this, you simply go to this website  www.wycliffe.org/partner/leah-rigsby , type in an amount, click “GIVE”, and then check the box to make it a recurring donation. Done!

But Leah, I can only give a small amount. Will that even make a difference? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no amount that is “too small” or “insignificant.” You and other partners are working together to make this happen and the impact it has in my life, in Ukarumpa, and in Bible translation is priceless. Like Master Card.

I understand that this is a major commitment so if you have any questions about becoming a partner in my ministry, email me at leah_rigsby@sil.org

Alright y’all, peace out, and drive calmly –


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