It’s the little things…

What’s up, world? It’s time for Story of the Week! But first, I just wrote a little blurb that has nothing to do with anything. I’ll call it… I’ve got nothing. The creative flow isn’t with me this afternoon. Whatever, I’m gonna write some stuff and it’s gonna be great. Maybe. We’ll see… 

First, the blurb:

Engaging in conversation is hard. I’m not good at it. I have to try really hard to not look stupid. And that was before I went to Papua New Guinea. I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but still. Ugh. So now we compound the fact that I’ve been out of the country for two years and we are left with this crushing fact: None of my stories are going to relate to you. They’re just not. They take place on a tropical island. In the South Pacific. On a mountain. 

Now, if something is relatable, I have to explain locational and cultural factors that effect the hilarity/relevance of the story and will most likely kill the mood/flow of conversation while I try to explain what a year round school calendar means, where Goroka is and how hard it is to get there, what a yard meri is… See? You’re confused. You have no idea what I’m referencing. And I just wanted to tell a story about the joys of being able to eat Chinese food. 


Jesus is amazing. Every so often (read: hour) I get a little freaked out by the amount of monies I need to get back to PNG by January. It’s…well… it’s daunting. But, every time I get worried, Jesus flexes His, “What’s up? I’m the Lord” muscles and reminds me of who He is and where He wants me.

The past couple of days I have been able to meet up with friends in Houston and you guys are SO FREAKING ENCOURAGING – “What can I do?” “I’ll talk to my pastor.” “I’ll talk to some of my friends.” “Can you come live with us?” That last one was my four-year-old buddy, Jacob. You guys are patient while I try to answer your questions. You’re interested in what I do, the culture of PNG, what life is like over there… *deep sigh of gratification* it’s refreshing and a constant reminder that I am not in this alone. “I’m” not the one at work in PNG. We all are. It is a collective effort of a team of people and I just happen to be the one “on the ground.”

I was trying to think of an analogy (you should ask my 8th grade girls about the “Salvation Taco”) and it’s like a musical production. You have the main character doing their thing, but the musical would be terrible without everyone else on stage singing and dancing, the lights, the sound people, and on and on and on. The frontman gets the attention, but would have nothing if it was just him on a stage. That would be lame. Unless it’s a comedian. Anyway, I think you know where I am going with this (I’ll spare you the one body, many parts over-spiritualization). I also had another analogy with NASCAR, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions with that one. 

So, from my best friend who has housed me and bought me all kinds of amazing food, to the girl who recognized me at Bible study and offered support, to the anonymous donor who gave me a gift. You are all helping Bible translation in PNG. And it’s pretty freakin’ baller. 

Peace out! – Leah

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Links for your enjoyment!

1. Me speaking Tok Pisin and laughing nervously in the village: Jan 2013 – Village Video

2. Lighting the oven in my first house in PNG (I’m now in house #4): Aug 2012 – Light the Oven






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