#’Murica – I’m Home!

Well everyone, I’ve made it back across the Pacific in less than record time. I was just talking with my mom and dad and they said I needed to update my blog because many of you read it, and I haven’t been… umm… consistent… with updating it. I’m sorry to those who look for updates, it’s just hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that people are interested in my little ol’ life. I’ll try to do a better job, promise.

Welp, rather than try to do a year’s worth of updates now, I’ll just start with the ride home, and then work my way backwards and give you some links to other things, if that’s alright with you.

I woke up at 5:30am on June 19, packed the last of my bags – well, bag – and rode with Brandy to the airstrip. There was laughter, many tears, and hugs as my plane got ready to board. I won’t see some of these friends for 7 months, some for a year, and some ever again as they go off to college or go finish. My plane left at around 8:00am and I landed in Port Moresby (POM) around 9:30.

I began reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” and life was grand. I waited around in POM for a few hours, watched the World Cup, discretely moved away from a large group of beer-drinking business men who were steadily increasing in volume, and finally at 1:00pm checked in for my next flight. I read some more, got on the plane at 2:00pm and landed in Brisbane, Australia (BNE) at 5:30pm.

I went through customs, had some of the wood carvings I brought back sprayed down for “contaminants,” lugged my 25lb carry-ons around the airport, and finally found my waiting area. Surrounded by the sultry sounds of about 50 Asian families, I commenced reading. I realized I was hungry and began to look for food. – GASP! Is that a Subway!?!?! – It was, but I declined and instead had some Pad Thai Noodles from “Noodle Box.” More reading. And more reading. And more… oh no. I finished the book. Hmm. I’ll go look for a power plug and the internet. But first I’ll look for a bathroom.

To my delight, the bathrooms and the internet are located a quick jaunt from each other, AND you can pay for the internet with CASH. CASH! So, I purchase 10 min of internet for 1 aussie dollar and all my internet dreams come true. Not really. I was able to successfully e-mail my mom and update fcebook. In 10 min. Cause the internet there was worse than in Ukarumpa. Anywho, I needed to use the internets/waste more time before my midnight-flight, but alas… I have no more aussie coins. Hmm. Looks like I need a doughnut. After purchasing my doughnut and acquiring more aussie coinage, I haul my cargo back to the internets and waste some more time.

Midnight finally arrived and I was on my way to Fiji. Ah Fiji. My home for the next 9 hours. I made my way to a little cafe, bought a croissant and some hot tea, sat down at a table in the back and…slept for two hours. I awoke to an empty cafe, quickly gathered my bag and apologized to the woman who swooped down on my table to clean it off.

After this, I migrated to the OTHER eating area where – GASP! – there was an electrical outlet. I plug in, set up, and proceeded to watch the last twenty minutes of “Silver Linings Playbook”, “The Art of Getting By,” and “Easy A.” By then, I was able to check for my flight, when I noticed it had been delayed. For 3 hours. Ugh.

At the terminal, I scoured the area for an electrical outlet, found one, set up house and began watching “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Fiji was now my home. I have always lived here. I will be here forever.

My plane boarded at last and I prepared my self for the ten hour flight. My plan was to sleep for most of it. My plan failed horribly. I dozed for a couple of hours, at the meal they served, tried to sleep again, succumbed to the fact I was caught in a delirious-sleepless state and flipped through the movies offered on the flight. “I, Frankenstein” looked the least ridiculous, so I settled in and enjoyed the next two hours. Ok. Surely there are only a couple of hours left. Nope. Five. Five more hours??? FIVE!?! I can’t handle this. Maybe I can feign an illness and lay down in the sick bed. I settled on taking a trip to the lavatory, hoping the stretch would renew my traveling vigor. It didn’t. I’ve been on this plane forever. It is my new home.

Somehow, amid another meal and 6 tv show episodes, the next five hours passed and I landed in LAX. I went through customs, declared nothing, and hoped I would make it through with them asking if I had wood carvings. They didn’t. Success. They got sprayed in Australia so I didn’t feel bad about it. I wandered through LAX,  found my Airline, set up camp on the floor and slept for another couple of hours.

After this, I found some food in the airline convenience store – GASP!!! Beef Jerky! Don’t mind if I do. I feel that my time in LAX can be best summed up by my facebook posts made while I was there:




I boarded my flight, promptly passed out, woke up, and began reading “All Creatures Great and Small.” Thirty minutes later, the time had come. I was landing in Dallas.

I walked to the exit, looked around, saw my mom waving her arms, went through the revolving door, and then my mom snapped this photo:

Coming Home at DFW 6-19-14

I made it.

As I type this now, I have been at my parent’s house for 24 hours, 17 of those I have spent sleeping. It feels very surreal, but I am glad to be back so I can see friends and family. I apologize for the length and probably spelling error filled post. Be gracious. I’m still recovering.

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Thanks everyone!