A tutor, a play, a sport, a mission

So…it’s been a while. My apologies. Life has been CRAZY hectic and I finally have a weekend with NOTHING going on! So…update time.

What’s been going on since January you ask?


Well, I’ve taken on the roll of “Hostel Tutor.” What this means is that I get to hang out with my friends, the Driggers (check out their blog! – http://networkedblogs.com/IUf5P), they feed me awesome (Southern!) food, and if any kids have homework I help them out. This happens two to four times a week, depending on the kid’s homework loads. I’m pretty sure I’m getting the better end of the deal, but they keep telling me to come over, and who am I to argue?


Sadly, my hostel tutorage was cut short in February because of my involvement of the high school’s epic performance of “Our Town.” Let me just say I have NEVER seen a high school performance of this caliber…and we’re in the middle of PNG. It was amazing. The entire community came together and used their talents to make the performance what it was. One mom made ALL of the costumes. ALL of them. Every actor was measured and had at least two, if not three custom made costumes for the play. We had sound techs working with our ancient sound equipment, formulating mic schedules for the actors to pass around, and hanging mics from ceilings because there are not enough wireless mics to go around.

And me? I headed up the light crew. I’m not going to lie, after watching a run through of the three act play, I was kinda freaking out a little. There were a lot of logistical things to work through and our lack of equipment made it a bit crazy, but I and my two student recruits figured it out and it went swimmingly.

We did, however, have one moment of panic. The evening of the sneak preview performance, one of the sliders (light input to be able to a light fade up and down) went out. After a bit of rearranging that night and a couple hours of running back and forth from the stage to the light booth the next day during my off periods at school, we came up with a fix and last two performances went amazingly!!!

Here are some pics of the show (notice the awesome lighting! 🙂

OurTown034_aevers   OurTown066_aevers OurTown070_aevers OurTown125_aevers OurTown143_aevers OurTown181_aevers OurTown194_aevers OurTown214_aevers OurTown221_aevers The lovely cast and crew. (The woman to my left in the picture is the one who made all of the beautiful costumes!)

I love how even though we are at a tiny mission school in the Pacific, the kids have the chance to be exposed many different aspects of talented-ness – sports, the arts, music, etc… – and have the chance to discover and develop talents that they will be able to use in the future to bring glory to God in whatever manner He sees fit to have them do so.

What’s coming up next you ask?


Volleyball is my most favorite sport in the universe. I love it. I played it for eight years (5th through 12th grade) and I just love it. In America, well, at least Texas, volleyball is the first sport of the year for girls. In Ukarumpa… it’s last. So, I have been waiting expectantly for fourth term volleyball… and it is finally here!!!

I get the awesome privilege of coaching the girls “A” team. Next week, we begin “skills and conditioning,” we will have some practices over our up coming three week break, and then… the season begins. I’m excited. The girls are excited. We’re pretty stoked about the upcoming season.


A few posts back, I spoke about “Carnival”, the event that the high school puts on for the whole community to raise money for a mission here in Papua New Guinea. This year, the proceeds went to Lae City Mission, and organization located in Lae (four hour drive from Ukarumpa) that helps young men get off the street, get an education, and find jobs. It also has a safe house for abused women as well as a center for AIDS orphans.

This coming break, I, three other adult sponsors, and 24 students are going to Lae City Mission to help there in whatever ways we can: construction, cleaning, playing with kids, and whatever else they ask us to do. It is a great opportunity and I can’t wait to go!

For more info on Lae City Mission, check out this video:


That’s about it in a tiny nut-shell!! Peace out,