It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like…


Welp, Term 2 is coming to a close, which means Christmas break is upon us!! I am VERY excited/slightly disgruntled about break. There are many plans of jovial nature which will be taking place, but they will, sadly, not include some of my closet friends here in Ukarumpa. Two are going home to the States for the lamest reason I can think of: one is getting married and the other is attending the wedding J. The other will be making his way over to New Zealand for a vacation with his family. If my son moved to the Pacific, I’d take advantage of it too 🙂 .

But, fret not, many of my kids have accepted the burden of “Rigsby entertainment” over break and I have the feeling many movies will be watched.

As Christmas season approaches, wet season approaches. It has rained everyday this week. And by rain, I mean RAIN. Like, the kind of rain that would cause flash flooding in Houston and tornado watches in Dallas.

Here is a picture:

Anywho, being from Texas, the weather is not my defining quality for Christmas. When I was young, Christmas meant the end of basketball season (check!), then end of school (check!), and listening to Christmas music (check!), and preparing for a Christmas performance (check!). All of these requirements are currently taking place here in Ukarumpa, so my Christmas season is coming on nicely.

The real reason for this post is because I have been thinking lately about my roll here in Ukarumpa and how crazy awesome it is that Jesus has put me here. I am beginning to realize more and more that Jesus does indeed have reasons for the way He makes us. For example, those of you who know me well can concur that I have the “knows a little about a lot” syndrome. If I have seen it done, I want to learn how to do it or try to do it on my own. This quality comes in very handy on the mission field when some one needs a video edited, or an impromptu guitarist/drummer, or a sound tech, or a backstage crew member for a play, or a youth group leader, or a softball helper, or asst. baskeball coach, or… the list goes on J.

I also now see the way Jesus has been working in me over the past couple of years, sorting things out in my life and giving me a better understanding of Him and how I relate to Him and others. Because of this, I have had many conversations with my kids and have been able to speak into their lives while they deal with similar situations. I tell the students all of the time, “I’m here to serve you.” And that’s what God has brought me here to do. To serve Him by serving others and loving them the way He has loved. A parent who is a language consultant said at the youth service last week, “We worked on a translation for 13 years and once it was complete, we chose to move here so our boys could go to a good school.”

That is why I am here. To make a good community and school so language workers don’t have to worry about their children’s education and can focus on translation.  I am here so that parent’s know that while they are away in the village and their children have to stay in Ukarumpa, that there are adults who will speak into their children’s lives and ensure that they are loved and cared for while they are away.

The way I describe being here to my students is that, back the US, teaching and church and what I was doing there felt good. I was happy and content. But here. Here feels right. The puzzle piece is in place and the fit is perfect. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE HERE. And even more so, I am thankful that Jesus saw fit to make me for here and to bring me here.

Peace out, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dessert!

(The lip of the can was upside down)


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