The Prodigal Son…Daughter…Whatever…

Hello folks. I am currently at iCHED training! (AKA, how to teach missionary kids cause they deal with different issues than kids who were born and raised in the same place their parents are from)

I will give you a Papua New Guinea, missionary journey, blog next week sometime, but right now I just want to share some things God taught me through some excellent conversation with the other missionaries here and through reading His word.

Forgive me, I’m mathematical, so my thoughts tend to come in bullets 🙂

–       SET UP:

  • My relationship with God has not been awesome the past few years. Not because of “bad actions” but because of inaction (prayer, studying, seeking Him, etc..)
  • He’s shown me I need Him, so, like the prodigal son, I am back for more of Him

–       ISSUE:

  • I feel guilty that God accepts me back into relationship with Him.
  • I expect for Him to “bring the hammer down”
  • How can I think I can just waltz back into a relationship with Him?


  • The prodigal son tried to “sneak back in” – he thought he could work for his dad. I can make the stretch that he probably felt like that could be a way of paying his dad back all he squandered
  • BOOM! Dad runs after him, embraces him, throws a party
    • Why? Because the son returned. That’s it.
    • Not: They’ll embrace and then work out the finances later
    • Not: He looks sorry enough (the dad ran to him and embraced before he could even discern the son’s countenance or attitude)
    • Not: He’s back, now I need to show him how guilty he is to make sure he won’t make mistakes again
    • Why? The father’s love forgave. Instantly. Not even forgave, but also reinstated him to the position of son-ship in the family.


  • I can return to God because I am forgiven and He perfectly loves. That’s it. Even while typing I wanted to add more to it, but there’s nothing to add.
  • God forgives, God loves. All I have to do is return the embrace.
  • I am worthy to embrace Him because He had made me worthy and wants the embrace.

That’s it. The reality is hard. I never thought it would be difficult to be loved, loved perfectly. But, for some, it is. These are truths that apply to me, to those reading this, and to everyone else on the planet that isn’t reading this. I don’t understand it. I don’t always live in it, but in this moment, I can grasp and accept the truth of it.


Peace out.


The opposite of the best way to start Summer…

MOV. ING. Yes. It was so terrible I had to break it into syllables. It was awful. Distressing. Re-stressing. Infinitely annoying. But now, it is done and I get to hang out with some of the best people I know for a whole week before going back to Dallas! So, let’s leave the terribleness behind me, or us, if you moved too, and move on to more awesome things like how I leave for Papua New Guinea in 5 weeks.

Say WHAT!?!?!?

I know. It’s a lot closer this side of school being out, huh? Here’s a look at my June/July calendar:



Boom! Here we go! You know something is serious if I have a calendar, or plan, or generally know what I’m doing more than 3 days in advance.

So yes. That’s where I am. Or where I’ll be. Or…whatever. This is happening!

I’m at 91% supported! Keep praying and giving and let’s get this last 9% in people!

That’s really all I have for now. I will leave you with some awesome pictures I found while making a handout for the VBS I’m doing. They are pretty awesome.


This one speaks for itself:


Bible dedications (languages receiving printed Bibles in their language for the first time) in PNG:

The celebrations include parades, tribal dancing and traditional celebration dress


Bible dedication in Myanmar:Image

Deaf Translation Dedication in India:





Peace out homie homes!